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About Us

Who We Are:

Firebrand Technology Solutions is an aggressive solution- based technology distribution firm that has helped technology service providers, data centers, and integrators save millions of dollars on their annual technology purchasing process. Firebrand specializes in materials management, technology spend analysis, design-build, and logistics management.  Combined, our services have helped our clients increase annual profits, control costs, enhance end-client satisfaction, and significantly improve their ability to compete in this highly competitive industry.


Our Philosophy

Our core philosophy at Firebrand is defined by the translation of our name; to disrupt, rebel, and create a revolution.  With over 25 years experience in servicing the low voltage and electrical markets in North America, we continuously see the same purchasing professionals that are highly limited by expensive options without product training to ask "why do we need this, and why are we spending so much?"  Firebrand is committed to challenging and disrupting the stats quo, helping our partners stop the over-spending, and educating our client's project management and purchasing teams.  Firebrand is not a vendor, we're a partner, and we want to revolutionize your buying experience.

What We Do:

Unlike typical distributors, we provide true material management functions. We Provide the most cost effective and quality products available through these value added services:

  • Material/ Cost Analysis
  • Design- Build Solutions
  • Negotiated Pricing to Reduce Material Costs
  • Customized Staging/ Kitting
  • Stock to Forecast Strategies
  • Alternate Offerings that Meet or Exceed Specifications
  • Jobsite Delivers and On-Site Storage
  • Localized Stock for Contractor Pickup and Dedicated Material Storage
  • Stock Bin-Fill Service at Client Locations for Fast Deployment
  • Logistics Management
  • Exceptional Account Support Staff
  • Emergency Deliver Support
  • ...and More