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Computer Parts

With our consultative approach to the technology procurement process and spend, we can show drastic cost savings for your organization.

Wires and Cables

Your organization spends a large portion of its overall budget on the goods and services it needs to do its work. Any savings you gain without giving up overall value goes straight to your bottom line.

Visuals and Security Cameras

Our technology procurement consultants have years of experience in the manufacturing and distribution industries, with knowledge of what parts are being purchased, as well as alternative manufacturers that provide the same or better performance at a fraction of your current spend.

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to bringing you the best tech for the best price. When you choose Firebrand, you choose trained experts, low prices, and unbeatable results.

Client Testimonials

"Firebrand made it easy to onboard and adapt to our SOPs; we were able to streamline and realize hard dollar savings very quickly.

Firebrand also provided thought leadership and advice that saved us over $1M annually, by negotiating better terms and pricing with suppliers and precluding our need to hire additional resources to attempt to manage "in-house".

60% Decrease of penalty fees and
expedite surcharges

75% increase in service delivery satisfaction per internal KPI data and performance feedback surveys

Lower Prices

Trained Experts

Unbeatable Results